Monday, August 29, 2011

It's a Newt! (Gingrich that is)

This is mostly to test my awesome new app. Please hold and behold Newt's awesomeness. You're welcome.

A revival of the blog?!?!

Well, I am going to give this thing another go! I just got an app for my phone to help me blog on the go even! Hooray! So, new blog post coming soon. Like a real one. This one is mostly just a fake test one. Yeah. Hooray progress!

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Life at this point.

Well everybody, wasn't that fun?  I thought so, it was a good diversion from the norm of what I will general do.  It allowed me to flex my creative muscle and just cut loose on here.  But I am ecstatic that it is over.  This may become a rambling blog, look out!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Snowpacolypse: Chapter Three

The third chilling part in this epic tale of courage and survival based on true life events! Read on as we explore...

Chapter Three:  Parties of Old... and SNOW ZOMBIES!!!

Their faces were pale, whiter than even the German's pallid tones.  As White as the snow that encompassed them.  Their speech was mumbled and incoherent, none of our brave and dashing heroes could make out a word they were saying.  This is when when the realization dawned on them what they where witnessing, and what the German's girl had experienced when she went back to her own place the night before.  They had all turned into SNOW ZOMBIES!

The Snowpacolypse: Chapter Two

Due to unforseen circumstances beyond our control we hit a bit of a snag with keeping you up to date on the horrors our heroes are set in the face of certain death. We now pick up where we left off, with only a few continuity errors as the writer was so frozen he forgot some of the details. He was also delayed in writting this, and has forgotten what he lied wrote about earlier.

Chapter Two: Two Days before the Day After Tomorrow

Holy-stolen-blog-title Batman, that's today last tuesday! Right when I am writing this!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snowpacolypse: Chapter One

We continue the harrowing true life look into the events that are occurring in the ongoing snowpacolypse. Your patience in this matter is still appreciated.

Chapter One: Late Nights and Early Mornings

The festivities that occurred at The Wal-Mart were now a thing of the past as this ragtag group of people go to The Plex to bunker down for the night, armed with the warmth of the DVD's and popcorn, this ragtag group of people began to brave the coming storm, still unaware of the tragedy that will soon befall them. Their happy friends made the trek to the city, hoping that they would find some solace and warmth their. They have not been heard from since.

Fivel Goes West kept them warm through the first part of the night, as they continued to huddle together for warmth. They made it through Fivel, which they received from the two Giants of Plaster, and continued to laugh as the weather came down upon their houses. Up next was a gender bending tale of adventure and excitement in the form of Mrs. Doubtfire. Their laughter kept them warm and spirits lifted through the night into the early hours of the morning. The females had to cross the frozen tundra to get to their own house to avoid the stigma that would befall them for spending the night there.

They appeared to have made it, though only one would return the following morning. It was in that morning that they discovered the horror of their predicament, they woke to find... The Snowpacolypse!!!

Snowpacolypse: Prologue

We interrupt the normal output of this blog to bring you this urgent story coming through the pipe lines. We thank you for your patience.

The day started as any other day, classes and the like, no one suspected a thing. Then the reports started to pour in, ten inches, twenty, all conflicting, all pointing toward one thing, the Snowpacolypse.

The Iowan and his friends, the German and the Irishman, paid no head to the warnings. Them and their "happy" friends ignored the reports of impending doom and gloom. Then it happened, something that had not happened in a millennium. SBU cancelled all classes. It should have been a warning that signaled the end. Instead, they went to The Wal-Mart with the Colorado woman and her friends. There was much rejoicing and celebration at The Wal-Mart as the SBU students made The Wal-Mart a place of partying. They mocked the people stocking up on food stuffs. They mocked their own demise.

The end was coming.